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Dec 10, 2012 12:00pm EST
and winds. that's going to tell us the story. it is 57 on tv hill. temperatures in western maryland have dropped into the upper 40s. they were in the low 50s earlier. that 57 on tv hill is 8 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. i point out western maryland because that is the direction a cold front is moving. it's moving right at us from the west. going from northwest to southeast. you're starting to see the winds picking up a little bit instead of calm. that will stir the fog up and start to break it up. once that boundary you see on this graphic comes into the region, we'll be seeing shower activity spread across the state. already happening in western maryland and moving east through the 70 corridor. we are in for a bit of a change. how much so? well first warning details coming up shortly. i'll give you a hint, you need to find your coat. >> thank you very much. >>> an off duty baltimore county police officer is recovering today after being shot because of a fight in a neighborhood that he was just driving through. mary bubala is live in the news room with the latest on this. goo
Dec 18, 2012 12:00pm EST
. his family says he used to joke he was born four weeks early because he was hungry. jessica rekos will also be laid to rest. her family says she loved horses and had asked santa for cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. tonight there will be a wake for victoria soto. a teacher who shielded her students from the gunman. >> she was just the best person. she loved her family. she loved her family more than anything. >> it's one of several wakes planned for victims this evening. >> in newtown connecticut, ran dam pinkston. >>> in the wake of the bloodshed, some say now is the time to implement new gun control legislation. complete coverage continues with nancy cordis. >> shame on the nra. >> as demonstrators marched on nra headquarters phone calls poured in to congressional offices. >> okay so you're in support of gun control legislation? >> kentucky democrat john yarmouth says most of the calls have been in favor of new gun restrictions. as a democrat from a conservative southern state yarr mouth says he avoided the issue for the past six years but now he wants to reinstate the ban on assau
Dec 6, 2012 12:00pm EST
is -- is killing us. >> top economists came to talk about it. president obama and john boehner spoke wednesday but publicly are holding firm on their positions. the white house has made clear the country could go over the cliff if republicans refuse to raise taxes on the top 2% of american earners. republican leaders say they will close loopholes and eliminate tax breaks to raise money but insist that bush era tax cuts must be extended for all americans. the stan stand -- stand off and the debt concerns ryan skenke. he's the guidancing with the cochair of the president's deficit commission alan simpson. the group is working to get young people involved in fixing the debt crisis. >> we're trying to connect with our generation in a different way. we're using humor to hook them in and get them to learn about this issue and understand how it effects their lives. >> they want to sign up more than 2 million people to put pressure on both sides. in washington danielle noting ham wjz eyewitness news. >> former senator allen simple -- simpson said the deal must include new revenue and spending cuts. he
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3